Borgato was founded in 1987 with its first license agreement with Valtra (called Valmet in the past) to attend the region of Morro Agudo – SP (countryside of São Paulo).

The actual office has been inaugurated in the same year, in Morro Agudo – SP, a city focused on sugar cane business.

Our History

In 1995, Borgato became the Valtra Dealer in the region of Franca, expanding its presence in a coffee business region.

In 1997, the company became dealer in Ituverava and surroundings, starting its operations in the grains business.

In 2001, following the expansion of the sugarcane and alcohol business, Borgato was nominated as Valtra Dealer in Minas Gerais State, attending the city of Uberaba and surroundings. Almost automatically, in the following year – 2002 – Borgato started attending Ibiá, Punhi and Formiga.

Focused in the grains business, Borgato sought to became a Valtra dealer in Mato Grosso, being nominated in 2007 for all the northeast of the state, attending the cities of Querência, Ribeirão Cascalheira, Confresa, Vila Rica and expanding shortly thereafter to the region of Barra do Garças, Nova Xavantina, Água Boa and Canarana (Alto Araguaia and Xingu).

This year was born the first project of what is now Borgato RENTAL.

In 2008, following the growing in the grains business, Borgato was nominated dealer for the regions of Silvânia, Cristalina, Nova Crixás, Rialma and Goianésia. Those 2 cities - Rialma and Goianésia – were great exponents on the sugarcane energy business.

Borgato Rental stated its operation.

In 2012, Borgato was nominated for the core grains center of the center-west. Today, there is its greatest Valtra shop, in Rio Verde – GO, in a 13.000m² area with a workshop for combine harvester and tractors.


In 2013, Borgato expanded even more its activity area in Goiás, simultaneously opening shops in Jataí, Chapadão do Céu and Quirinópolis. At the same time, Borgato inaugurated a shop in Mineiros.

In 2014, the investments never stops. Focused on its expansion in Mato Grosso, Borgato was nominated as Valtra dealer in the regions of Rondonópolis and Primavera do Leste.